Product Review: Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment

I was first introduced to Brazilian Blowout in September of 2015. I had heard of keratin treatments before, and was intrigued by the way they left hair so smooth. From previous experiences, I felt like they were somewhat risky to do or receive because of all the smoke that was released during the service. I also felt like they were a bit pricey for how often you had to redo them. But from what I was told that September, this brand was different. I took a certification class with Brazilian Professionals, got a Brazilian Blowout of my own, and was immediately hooked.

As A Stylist

First off, the amount of smoke and steam released during the service is minimal. I had given a different brand of keratin treatment to a client before, and the client and I (as well as the other stylist helping me) had to wear masks on our faces as we sat in the back corner. Other clients legitimately thought the salon was on fire. My lungs burned for about two weeks after the service. The results turned out really beautiful, but I told myself I wouldn’t be able to do them very often because it was clearly harmful for me + my clients. Brazilian Blowout brand has hardly any smoke that comes off. I tend to use too much product, and with very thick, coarse hair there’s usually a noticeable amount coming off. It has never gotten to a point of burning my lungs, though. My clients and I have never had to wear a mask. That alone is enough reason for me to trust this brand more than any other.

Something else I noticed about this brand is that the results last. With the right aftercare (sulphate-free shampoos + conditioners, not washing hair every day), most clients have said their results last at least twelve weeks, if not more. When clients get them regularly, the results last even longer — they can eventually go 4, 5, 6 months between appointments and still look amazing. They look better and better each time. AND — they can get them every few weeks if they want and their hair isn’t damaged from it! I can get through the service in about an hour and a half for most clients now.

I do have to add that I’ve had a couple of clients that didn’t get great results. Some hair types are just stubborn. I’ve done hundreds of these now, and I’ve met two people who didn’t get results that didn’t come out as expected. It’s rare, but it does happen.

On the other side, I’ve also met people who feel like the Blowout isn’t temporary. They’ve got the hair type that really takes it and holds onto it until it is cut off. Most people would love this, but if for whatever reason you ever want your frizz back and you have this hair type it’s gonna take a while. It’s something worth considering.

But that’s just my stylist perspective. What about the client perspective?

As A Client

From my own personal experience, the product works. It comes through on all its guarantees.

  • No frizz? Check.
  • Softer curls? Check.
  • Hair dries twice as fast? Check.
  • Lasts 12 weeks? Check.
  • Hair feels + looks healthier? Check + check.

My hair absolutely is in better shape with the Blowout than without. I’ve got this spot right on the back of my head where the hair always breaks off, and since I’ve started getting Brazilian Blowouts it has finally stopped breaking. It’s actually growing again after years of being a couple of inches shorter than the rest of my hair. Even without getting it redone regularly, the results have lasted and even with just my first service I got those great growth results. Do you see why I’m hooked?!

Here’s a photo  I shared of my hair on my Instagram page. I got a Brazilian Blowout THREE MONTHS before that photo was taken.


If you want more information about Brazilian Blowout, read their official FAQ here. From there, you can browse the rest of their website. You can also check for certified stylists in your area. (If you’re in the Salt Lake area, you can book with me!)


I love this product. It really does do all it promises, and the maintenance is simple.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5 stars

Other Responses

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about it: “The Brazillian Blowout surprised me. I didn’t expect to love it- but I do! It makes taking care of my hair SO much faster and easier and it stays smooth now – even when it’s a humid, rainy day.”

Another client of mine recently said that after the three months have passed, she starts to notice the frizz coming back in when she air dries her hair, but if she blow dries it, it stays soft and smooth like right after she first got it.


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