Fun with Redken CityBeats

I finally got to use Redken CityBeats today. I’d been hoping for an opportunity to play with it for a few months now, and today that chance finally came!

I used the Brooklyn Blue on a client who is going gray. His hair is a natural level 8 with some grays throughout, and some areas are whiter than others (like right at the sideburns). We wanted to put the color directly on his natural color so that there would still be some dimension, and so that it would be a quicker process. We put the color on and let it sit about 15 minutes.


I forgot to wear gloves while applying the color. After lots of scrubbing, my hand is still very blue. This color works FAST, which is great on hair, but not so great on skin or clothes. Make sure to clean up messes fast if you use this!

The color as it processes

The color turned out so fun! It’s very bright on the naturally white sections, and this really cool silvery-blue on the natural level 8 parts. I love the dimension of having applied it to the natural hair without evening it out to one color beforehand.

The final result

Overall, the color turned out very bright and exactly like I hoped it would. It worked quickly and was super simple to apply. I’m definitely going to keep it on hand for future colors.

Have you tried the CityBeats colors? Would you ever use them on your own hair? Let me know in the comments! ✨